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Eye Movement Desensitisation
and Reprocessing

EMDR is a psychological therapy that has been developed to address disturbances in mental health caused by traumatic and difficult life experiences.

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About EMDR

EMDR is a therapy that can help you process and come to terms with traumatic incidents. Trauma can be caused by a single event – such as a road traffic accident or an assault - or by more complex problems, such as those that arise from childhood abuse or repeated events, like bullying.

EMDR therapy works on three elements; the past, the present and the future: Firstly, the bad memories that have led to the present day problems are resolved. The next phase is to work through and address present day difficulties. EMDR concludes by enabling the client to establish a preferred response to future challenges.

EMDR works in a cognitive, physiological and emotional way. This means that memories from early infancy can be addressed and resolved. Russell Wharton has undergone specialist training with Dr. Sandra Paulsen in working with implicit, early childhood trauma.

Versatile treatment

EMDR is a versatile approach that can be used to address historic trauma and as a means of personal enhancement and self-development. When used correctly, EMDR is a potent psychological therapy.

Russell Wharton is accredited with EMDR Europe ensuring the professional standards and experience required to deliver this approach..

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Online therapy

Our CBT and EMDR therapies are available via video conferencing. Please consider the following before deciding whether video-conferencing is the right platform for you to engage fully with therapy.

Straightforward fees

Therapy consists of an initial assessment and then a number of treatment sessions according to the complexity of the problem.

  • Initial assessment £80
  • Each treatment session £80