What does it cost?

Self funding individuals are charged £80 per session by cheque, cash, bank transfer, debit or credit card. For individuals with health insurance there may be an excess. Please contact to discuss further. Corporate rate is negotiable on a case by case basis. Please contact to discuss further. Registered Charities are charged at self funding rate, £80 per session.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the problem and what the client hopes to achieve from therapy. A good rule of thumb is the amount of therapy will be determined by the complexity of the problem. A straight forward phobia may only require 2 - 3 sessions to resolve. However, a problem based on multiple trauma would require a more lengthy intervention, potentially 8 - 12 sessions or more.

Is there a charge for the initial assessment?

Initial assessment is charged at the same rate as treatment sessions. This is currently £80 for individuals funding their own treatment. However, a FREE telephone consultation is offered prior to booking an assessment.

Do you offer home visits?

Home visits are not currently provided.

Do you accept health insurance?

Russell is registered with most health insurance providers, including Axa PPP, Aviva and BUPA. Not all conditions are covered so please discuss with your provider. Some policies have an excess.

What is your current waiting time?

Current waiting time is approximately 5 weeks, depending on what day / time you would like to be seen.